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Coordinator :

Dr. Pratim Sengupta


What I understood about myself is that I am a conscious living soulful existence with an inner urge to break the inertia of life. I feel life is nothing but material expression of the supreme almighty consciousness. Conscious existence empowered me to see, to hear, to talk, to interact with others, to feel, to dream, to ask question, to find a solution for a problem!  In the flow of life as I grew up I understood the knowledge of life is the only way to understand the scientific basis of the conscious existence. Hence I felt the urge to study science of life that is medicine. After I completed my higher secondary (10+2 std) education from Ramkrishna Mission Vidyamandira ,Belurmath I joined in the MBBS(Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)  course in RGKar Medical College. The professional packaging of knowledge in terms of timebound  goal oriented syllabus made me frustrated and ignited the urge within me for further study. I did my post graduation (MD) in Medicine from IPGMERand SSKM Hospital, Kolkata. During my MD training I got the glimpse of vastness of the knowledge and the quest to learn precisely the facts of life narrowed down my area of interest to Nephrology a discipline which is complex and new and still evolving in terms of understanding of renal physiology and the pathology henceforth. So I did my DM(Doctorate of Medicine) in Nephrolgy.

Reasearch was my passion from the very beginning of my career. While doing my post graduation in medicine I worked on cirrhotic cardiomyopathy, autonomic neuropathy of lupus, insulin resistance in Diabetics. All these were published in national journals. During my post doctoral study in Nephrology I worked on hemodialysis dialysis efficiency, and angular placement of dialyser and thereby increasing dialyser efficiency was an innovative concept on which my work was accepted and presented in the world congress of Nephrology, Milan 2009, the same was also published in Hemodialysis International. I worked on Plasmapheresis a blood filtering technique by which the toxic and pathogenic immunoglobulin can be removed from body and searched the role of prethymectomy Plasmapheresis in myasthenia gravis patients which was published in Interact Cardio Vasc Thorac Surg. Patient empowered nutritional model for nutritional care of Kidney patients is another very interesting and innovative area where I worked for quite a long time and the research work was presented in the international society of hemodialysis congress Hongkong in 2009, the same was published in Hemodialysis international. The search and research is the field of Nephrology in my dream, is my passion and the journey will remain till I am conscious.

Awards and Honors:

• Poster Presentation Award in the International Society of Hemodialysis congress Hong Kong2009
• Poster presentation In world congress of Nephrology, Milan Italy 2009
• First certificate in the free paper session national nephrology conference 2008
• 2006 : First certificate of merit for the proficiency in annual examination of MD(Medicine, 2003-2006), IPGMER&SSKM HOSPITAL Kolkata
• 2006 : 2nd certificates of merit for the proficiency of thesis work in MD(Medicine), IPGMER & SSKM HOSPITAL Kolkata
• 2003-2006 : Geeta Mukhopadhyay Das Memorial Scholarship of University of Calcutta for securing the highest mark in medicine.
• 1999-2000 : SR Mukhopadhyay Silver Medal for the Proficiency in the 3rd Prof MBBS RGKar Medical College Kolkata
• 1999-2000 : Ananth Nath Memorial Silver Medal In 3rd Prof MBBS, RGKar Medical College Kolkata
• 1999-2000 : Gold Medal in Ophthalmology, RGKar Medical College , Kolkata
• 1999-2000 : Class assistanceship in Ophthalmology, RGKar Medical College, Kolkata
• 1994 : National Merit Scholarship, Higher Secondary examination
• 1992 : National Merit Scholarship, Madhyamik Examination